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One Night Stand at Nightlive

Maybe it was because of Pinkpop. Maybe it was because of Pinksteren. Maybe it was because the good people of Maastricht just didn’t know how good they had it….

Being a Canadienne in Holland has its advantages and one of them really sticks out: the Dutch Dance scene is far more ahead than ours so I will get to see all the best DJ’s and listen [and dance] to all the best tracks before they even hit Canadian soil. Tonight it would be my first encounter with Maastricht night life.

Maybe it was because of Pinkpop. Maybe it was because of Pinksteren. Maybe it was because the good people of Maastricht just didn’t know how good they had it….

After a stressful week in the world of the Randstad, Richard and I had escaped to Maastricht. Saturday had given rejuvenation in the mountains of Valkenburg coupled with the lounging in the sun at many-a-terrace that was at our disposal. After a whole day of complete relaxation we were ready to party….and party hard.

I have heard tales of the club they call Nightlive. Looking innocent enough from the outside – besides a few neon lights – it appears to be a normal church. Once inside however, you realise that the church has now been devoted to the religion of dance. Pristine white accented with neon in all the right places, it was Frank Lloyd Wright minimalism meets St. Peter’s Cathedral – in short, probably the most beautiful club that I have ever seen. ‘Toto, I don’t think that we are in the Randstad anymore.’

Unfortunately, looks aren’t everything. When we arrived at 12:45, DJ Katana in full swing spinning to an audience of about 70 people. The DJ box and turntables presented a sort of altar to where DJ should rule supreme. As Moses parted the seas, so were the so-called ‘clubbers’ parted and glued to either side of the dance floor. The Saint sculptures that have been left to adorn the walls looked down on the public with disappointment. Both our jaws dropped, how is it that Maastricht would be able to stand up both DJ Katana and DJ Rossi in one evening? Blasphemous! We weren’t sure, but since we had just purchased a handful of drink tokens, we decided to stick it out and to see if Maastricht didn’t just party somewhat later that of the rest of the Netherlands.

However an hour later, the Holy Spirit (or any spirit for that matter) had not been able to jump-start the crowd. Half uninspired students, half biker-chic, the floor was a mix of oil and water. The low point hit when we caught a glimpse of a pink Ralph Lauren Spencer busting a so-called ‘move’ on the podium with another dude cruising with the shirt: ‘I’m single and easy’. Annoyed, two girls jumped on the podium and began pulling on each other’s halter tops. Smooth move, I thought. If some pseudo lesbian action won’t get this party started, nothing will. By this time Rich and I had taken to the other 7 people on the dance floor who realised what a sin it is to let the vibes go unnoticed. And so it stayed for 15 minutes when Rossi took the tables at 02:00. At the change over, you could almost see Katana’s utter bewilderment that there was nothing that he could do to breathe life into the scene. You see, it’s not that there weren’t enough people, but more that the people that were there were not in the mood to party. Should all of the wallflowers have peeled themselves away from the bars, we would have been able to have quite the intimate little affair.

DJ Rossi would have none of it. Known for his constant interaction with his public at all his parties, he took the tables by storm and shot us a look like: ‘Ok you bastards, enough fooling around…here it comes….’ and immediately began to pump the base beats hard and nasty.
This warranted intermittent cheers from Rich & I which helped spring to life somewhat more enthusiasm from the crowd and the church began to jump somewhat. However, just as 2:30 was coming around and the party was beginning to come alive, people started leaving. Rossi, did everything to get attention. When the public was responding, we were rewarded with him spinning classics from the likes of DJ JP and others. However, when he got nothing, we were punished with retro ‘Meet me at the Love Parade’. If the public screwed with him, he screwed us right back and harder. At a couple of points, he stopped spinning completely until he heard protest. He demanded that we earn it.

We didn’t stay right until the end….we eventually gave in, although Rossi never did. Right up until 3:45, he was jumping and stabbing the tunes hardcore. Maastricht must have it good to give up such a party paradise with fantastic DJs right under their noses. Next week DJ Dana is spinning solo in Nightlive. They would do themselves a favour not to stand her up.

c ya…..