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Ron van den Beuken first Mix-Compilation – “In the Mix�.

In 2003 Ron started his project “Clokx� and covered the hymn Clocks from the most known Rock band at present: “Coldplay�. Clocks leaded worldwide Dance charts for weeks. But his real breakthrough came with the track “Timeless�. Since then he could repeat this masterly performance four more times with Overdrive, Twister, In Silence and Sunset. Ron van den Beuken won Best Dance-Act 2004 in Netherlands (Dutch Award 2004). One year later he exceeded Tiesto again, after he won the Dutch Award in 2005.



In only 12 months he had expressive Tracks like Endless, Feelings, Sunset, I will Surrender, Fever, Tibet,  Mary goes wild and Emotion. He proved his versatility and feeling for trends as a producer, and counted a lot of credits by all the famous DJs and producers of the international scene. Today he is spinning in all parts of the world and as headliner, at big Festivals like Mayday, Goliath, E-Lake, Alpha, Nature One etc. His actual track “Find a wayâ€? is in the Dance Charts of the Netherlands and in many European Club Charts again.

Album Release Tour in Europe starting October

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